Track Your Shipment

Do you reinstall the software on the unit after the repair is complete?
Yes, USC will reinstall the software at no extra charge. We maintain a custom software library that allows us to keep updated records of our customers' firmware on file. These files can sometimes be extracted directly from the unit. We may ask that a copy of the files be sent via e-mail where they will then be stored in our library.

Is there any charge to get a written estimate?
No, there is never a charge to get an estimate on a unit. Once the unit has been approved it will be repaired and returned without delay. In the rare case where a unit is not approved, it will be returned at no charge without delay.

What is the warranty period after the repair is complete?
The warranty period is 60 days from the return shipment date on the repair report. This includes all labor and any parts that were replaced in the previous repair (with the exception of damage caused by abuse).

Can I call and speak to a technician if I have a question or concern?
Yes. Please call us toll free at (800) 577-7674 with any questions or concerns.

How do I know if a unit has been abused?
In most cases, damage caused by abuse is very evident. Damaged displays, crushed units, water or fire damage all fall into this category. In the event that a unit is deemed abused, a free estimate will be generated before any charges are incurred. If the unit has sustained any damage that appears to be caused by abuse, but is not obvious (such as internal damage), photos of the damage can be forwarded for your review.

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