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United Service Center is a full repair depot for barcode scanning equipment, handling most major manufacturers of barcode scanning equipment. United Service Center can handle scanners and portable data terminals (DOS or Pocket PC). In addition to barcode scanners, portable data terminals and circuit board repairs, United Service Center also handles barcode printers.

United Service Center offers a variety of service plans. These plans include Time and Materials, Flat Rate and Annual Contracts.

Time and Materials allows you to have your unit evaluated and receive a free estimate. On approval of the estimate your unit will be fixed and shipped back to you within 3 business days.

Flat Rate offers you a quick turn around time. The unit is received by United Service Center and fixed within 3 business days at the flat rate repair price. Flat Rate repair pricing is set up as Tier One and Tier Two pricing. Tier One is the replacement of one major sub-assembly where as Tier Two is the replacement of multiple major sub-assemblies.

Annual Contracts covers your units under a fixed annual price. Annual Contracts eliminate the need to get approval for repairs and invoices. All units under contract will be returned within 3 business days of repair.

These repair options enable you to maximize your repair needs by allowing you to choose the repair option that best fits your situation. With all these options, United Service Center offers comprehensive support. If you have a question call and speak directly with a service technician.

Our extensive inventory of parts and years of experience allows us to offer the quickest turn-around at the most cost-effective price with the least number of warranty repairs.

And now, with our rapid growth, we have moved to a new, larger facility to better serve our new and existing client base. So call us toll-free today at 800-577-7674 to find out how United Service Center can assist you in your barcode equipment repair needs.

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